We work with our clients to understand their most pressing enquiries and develop customised processes to progress them. We are most at home exploring dynamic environments with teams, helping them to think and work through available options and their implications as a group. A non-exhaustive list of the services we can provide is outlined below.

To deliver each of these activities, we can take on different roles to achieve best outcomes. These range from being project or program leads and participants, acting as an insourced team, outsourced team or combination thereof, advisors, process facilitators, researchers, advocates, communicators, or coaches.

Collectively clarify intent, define the system, and determine opportunities

Intent setting

Facilitated processes aimed at clarifying and aligning the intent for change across stakeholders.

Opportunity identification

Utilise advanced techniques to identify growth areas and untapped potential within the system in focus.

System mapping and analysis

Gain an in-depth understanding of your system's components and their their objectives, incentives and interactions.

Scenario planning

Envision possible future states of your system and plan for those contingencies, grounding present conversations in future possibilities.


Create and refine potential pathways with the people and perspectives that matter most

Stakeholder engagement

Promote meaningful involvement and input from those who carry the system through facilitated conversation and other modes.

User and system deep dives

Get a deeper understanding of the people and entities who experience and enable the system, which will inform the development of pathways that truly serve their needs.

Collaborative pathway design

Co-create solutions with key stakeholders, resulting in plans that are well-considered, acceptable, and robust.

Capability building

Equip your team with the skills and knowledge necessary to engage with, deliver, support and maintain the new pathways.


Catalyse and sustain new capabilities, relationships and practices

Projects and demonstrations

Test potential solutions in a controlled and manageable manner, reducing risk and promoting learning.

Implementation support

Professional support to embed and iterate new practices and ensure they hold and maintain fit for purpose.

Relationship building

Leverage our support to cultivate new, beneficial relationships and networks that strengthen your system and its opportunities.

Assessment and management

Establish an effective system to measure the impact of changes, and create feedback mechanisms for continual refinement and improvement.

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